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Offender Solutions® is a professional online education service for juveniles and adults. Our online classes are accepted by courts, schools and employers nationwide - guaranteed!

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Our goal is to provide honest and accurate information to our class participants. When we say no lectures and no judgments, we mean it!

Colorado Anger Management Classes


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A Colorado Online Anger Management Class

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Colorado Anger Management Classes

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The Offender Solutions® online anger management class is among the most widely accepted, comprehensive, affordable and effective way to gain anger management skills. This anger management class was written and prepared for court ordered clients, students, employees and for personal growth. The Offender Solutions® online anger management class is listed as an accepted anger management program throughout the United States, including Colorado, Canada, and abroad. Our web-based online anger management class includes:

* A complete 8, 10 or 12 hour anger management class based on the book The Psychology of Anger , by Steven M. Houseworth, MA.

* Where we find an average of $195 for similar anger classes, ours if much more affordable.

* A self-paced anger management class online learning experience.

* Log in, Log out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

* Online exam following each chapter and a final exam.

* Immediately upon completion printable Certificate of Completion for verification.

* Accepted by Court, Probation Officer or Schools in Colorado, or money-back guaranteed.

This Colorado online anger management class was designed to meet Colorado court, probation department, diversion program, school and human resource department requirements. Our online anger management classes are an effective, convenient and less expensive way of learning how to better manage and control anger related problems that may arise for you and others needing a Colorado anger management class.

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Is an Anger Management Class Right for You?

Anger Management programs can vary a great deal in terms of content and delivery method. Like many things on the internet they are not always what they "appear" to be. Fortunately most of the anger classes offered online are good and reputable, however, there are a few anger classes offered that are either a bit deceptive about pricing (i.e., one price is all you really pay), certificate delivery (is it mailed or does it cost more?) or simply do not meet a high professional quality standard .

A Nationwide Program

Offender Solutions® is a Nationwide Company that has a reputation across the Nation for our high quality programs. We have been providing anger management classes since 1994 as our Temper Talk program.

Some "Online" anger programs are not actually a real online service. These anger classes indicate they are an online program because they can be found and purchased on a web page, but in reality the anger class is really a book you purchase or a download file that you put on your computer. This is really not an online class but rather a product you purchase on the web.

When we say we offer a Online Colorado Anger Management Class, we mean "Online."

With our anger class you will register online, create your username/password so that you can log in and out of the program as many times as you want 24/7. You make your anger class purchase online. You take all of your coursework online as well. There are no downloads or anything else. The system will "remember" you and all of your scores as you log in and out of our secure system. You will also be able to print the Anger Class Certificate of Completion directly from your screen upon successful completion of the program.

A Workbook Class is available too

As an alternative to the online class, please note we do also offer a workbook/correspondence course for those without internet access.

Credentials, Experience and Qualified

If you are comparing programs we encourage you to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. What is the history of the company providing the course? What kind of experience, education and training qualifies them to offer classes?

Offender Solutions® staff began researching and working with anger management clients in 1994. At the onset the service was called Temper Talk. Now, Offender Solutions® is a nationwide service providing high quality evidence based anger management services. All Offender Solutions® counselors are required to complete rigorous training prior to becoming a certified counselor. All Counselors are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and are supervised by staff with a minimum of a Master's Degree.

Can a judge, probation officer or attorney contact the agency to verify credentials?

Of course! If your specific court is not familiar with our program you may wish to print our court approval documentation, (click here to get document). to give them further information. If they contact our office we will also provide them access to our online anger class so they can view the program and its integrity for themselves.

The Psychology of Anger

What is the program based off of? Is there substance or just feel good babble? The Offender Solutions® anger management class is based on the book The Psychology of Anger, written by Steven M. Houseworth, MA who is a consultant for Offender Solutions® Listed below are the objectives of our program.

OBJECTIVE 1: Empowerment: To assist the client in developing a sense of personal responsibility for each decision they make. Prior to completing our online course each client will acknowledge that anger behaviors are learned and utilized, either because they appears effective or because of a lack of alternative anger skills.

OBJECTIVE 2: Education: To inform each client of myths associated with anger. Further, to educate each client about the source of the anger emotion and orient to the process of choosing anger behaviors. The purpose is to have each client perceive anger quite differently and to question his/her existing attitudes, values and beliefs.

OBJECTIVE 3: Skills: To facilitate the development of an anger strategy and expose the client to a variety of "in the moment" mental and behavioral anger management techniques. The need to identify specific strategies and techniques and practice is encouraged and emphasized.

OBJECTIVE 4: Victim Awareness: Special attention is paid to identify the impact that inappropriate anger emotions and behaviors has on strangers, friends, family, fellow students and work colleagues, and particularly the immediate victim of angering behaviors. Prior to the completion of the anger class, the client will be aware that inappropriate anger behaviors create victims.

OBJECTIVE 5: Empathy Development: To have each client consider the value he/she places on "others." This objective entails having the offender look into him/herself, introspectively and weigh the value placed on SELF vs. the value placed on OTHERS. Prior to, and long after completing the course each client will question themselves - asking, seriously, how important they believe others really are.

Do they offer a refund policy? What happens if your court does not accept the program?

Offender Solutions® stands behind its program and offers a full money back guarantee. Click here to view the Offender Solutions® Guarantee.

Why is the Offender Solutions® price so reasonable?

At Offender Solutions® we strive hard to keep our overhead costs low so that we can pass on the savings to you. We are well aware of all the other financial obligations that were likely placed upon you by the courts. We want you to be successful at completing your court orders. We give you, what we believe to be a solid honest fair price for our service. With our program I am very confident that you will be receiving one of the best anger management programs available.

Anger Management skills can be learned in many ways. For some, an online program is best. No need to take time off work or out of your busy schedule. You complete the course in your home or at any internet connection on your schedule. Our classes are available 24/7. For others, sitting in a group or with a live instructor might be the best option. Either way make sure the program that you utilize measures up .


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Offender Solutions® is a professional online service for juvenile and adult offenders.

Judges, probation officers, schools, mental health professionals, parents, etc. can refer clients to the Offender Solutions® online classes.

Individuals who feel they have a problem may also choose to participate on their own initiative. There are two ways to take the class: 1) online, 2) workbook (by mail)

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Certificate Immediately

Yes, your Certificate of Completion will be immediately available.

Each chapter of our classes is activated upon completion of the previous one. Once the last chapter has been completed your Certificate of Completion is activated and immediately available for you. Most people simply print their own certificate but, if you want an embossed Certificate, no problem, no charge- just ask!

Upon request, we can email, mail or fax your certificate to any person you request. Be careful, others charge a Certificate embossing fee and/0r a "Report" fee. We have no added fees.

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