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Offender Solutions® is a professional online education service for juveniles and adults. Our online classes are accepted by courts, schools and employers nationwide - Guaranteed!

Is a school, court or probation officer requiring you to take a class? We offer a variety of 100% online classes. Yes, our classes are accepted across the nation and, that's right -nothing to download and your free Certificate of Completion is immediately available upon completion!

Don't want to sit in a group of other people and be forced to "make confessions"? Take your class online - on your timelines. Our classes are designed to be easy, informative, self paced, convenient and, of great importance - affordable. 100% online, no lectures and no judgments.

Our goal is to provide honest and accurate information to our class participants. When we say no lectures and no judgments, we mean it!

What is Anger Management All About?


Isn't Anger Management is all about keeping your mouth shut, stuffing it and counting to ten? No! Anger management is not at all about keeping your mouth shut or "stuffing it". Anger management is about keeping you out of trouble with your family, the law, your employer or your school. Anger management is about saving you from spending your money on attorneys, repayments and court fees.

Anger management is about improving your quality of life, your happiness and improving relationships in your life. Anger management is about stopping the "angry you" from saying or doing something that you will later regret and experience negative consequences for.

Effective anger management is about adjusting your anger filters so you can see the difference between a truly threatening situation worthy of your anger and those that involve inappropriate over-reacting. Anger Management is very much about power, it empowers you to be in charge of when you react and when you don't, how you react.

Anger management is about separating the anger emotions from the anger behaviors. It is about realizing you can choose what you get angry about and you can choose how you respond to your anger emotions. It is about calming yourself, making cool-headed assessments of the situation; and taking sensible, responsible and thoughtful action.

Anger management means learning to express your anger directly, assertively and constructively without the need to behave aggressively or inappropriately. With knowledge about what anger is and what anger isn't, you will be able to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of your anger emotions.

With practice, you will be surprised that cool-headed and responsible anger behaviors can be generated in a matter of seconds. Not only will you be less stressed by your anger, but you will also get better results and most of all you are still in control.




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Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~Norman Vincent Peale
(1898 - 1993

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Offender Solutions® is a professional online service for juvenile and adult offenders.

Judges, probation officers, schools, mental health professionals, parents, etc. can refer clients to the Offender Solutions® online classes.

Individuals who feel they have a problem may also choose to participate on their own initiative. There are two ways to take the class: 1) online, 2) workbook (by mail)

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Yes, your Certificate of Completion will be immediately available.

Each chapter of our classes is activated upon completion of the previous one. Once the last chapter has been completed your Certificate of Completion is activated and immediately available for you. Most people simply print their own certificate but, if you want an embossed Certificate, no problem, no charge- just ask!

Upon request, we can email, mail or fax your certificate to any person you request. Be careful, others charge a Certificate embossing fee and/0r a "Report" fee. We have no added fees.

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** Also available as a workbook